Why is the price gap of anti-static clothing so big


If you want to buy anti-static clothing in large quanti […]

If you want to buy anti-static clothing in large quantities, you may find that the price gap is so big for the same anti-static clothing? The gap is even ten times!

Of course, buying things will definitely not only focus on price but not quality, especially anti-static clothing that greatly affects the health of our products and our employees. But where does this difference in quality manifest?

Why is the price gap of anti-static clothing so big?

Anti-static work clothes are mainly made of conductive cloth. Conductive fibers are evenly added to the cloth to vent the generated static electricity. The largest consumer group of anti-static clothing is the precision electronics industry. With the rise and popularization of electronic products, electronic factories have also been established.

In addition, the field of anti-static products is also relatively wide, not only in the pharmaceutical, biological, laboratory, optical, aerospace, petroleum, chemical and other industries, but also in the carpets, curtains, clothing and other fabrics in our daily lives. Electrostatic cloth. Due to the increasing market demand, many businesses have turned their attention to the field of anti-static products, which has caused a large number of businesses to intervene. Suddenly, anti-static products are flooded and it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity. Some businesses can only resort to price wars and their low prices to attract customers. This has led to the price difference of anti-static clothing. These products are good or bad, but due to the special features of anti-static clothing, the quality of its quality directly affects the product quality of the manufacturer and the safety and health of the employees.

Therefore, when choosing anti-static clothing, you must choose carefully. I would rather spend more money and ensure the quality of the anti-static clothing. Otherwise, you may lose more than the gains and bring greater losses.

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