How to keep clean clothes clean


Dust-free clothing is often used in industries that req […]

Dust-free clothing is often used in industries that require high cleanliness, such as bioengineering, medicine, semiconductors, etc. These companies have high requirements for the amount of dust in the production environment, and the lower the better.

The fabric for making clean clothes is generally ultra-clean fabric, so how to keep clean clothes, of course, cleaning is the most effective method. Dust-free clothing belongs to clean work clothes, and must be cleaned and packaged in a clean room when cleaning.

Under normal circumstances, dust-free work clothes are washed at least once a week, and some jobs that require high cleanliness even need to be washed every day.

Many people don't understand why clean clothes should be cleaned in a clean room. They always think that the clothes can be cleaned according to the usual washing method, but it is not. When cleaning in an ordinary room, dust and bacteria will adhere to the clothes and be contaminated by cleaning agents. In addition, there is a risk of dust and microorganisms attaching during the packing and transportation process. Therefore, special methods must be used to clean clean clothes.

Cleaning of clean clothes is generally carried out by professional cleaning companies. The following are the precautions when cleaning, for reference by those in need.

(1) The newly sewn dust-free clothing can be washed directly, and the recovered dust-free clothing found oil stains, the oil stains should be carefully removed before washing.

(2) Check the accessories such as scratches, damages and buckles before washing, and repair, replace or scrap any defective ones.

(3) Cleaning, drying, and packing must be carried out in a clean room with a higher degree of cleanliness than a clean room using dust-free clothing.

(4) Drying is carried out in a clean air circulation system dedicated to washing.

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