Are there any precautions for wearing anti-static clothing


Many people who work in the electronics workshop should […]

Many people who work in the electronics workshop should understand that they must wear special clothing such as anti-static clothing when entering the electronics workshop. But this is not to say that you just wear it and enter the electronic workshop. There are also some precautions for wearing anti-static clothing. Let's take a look at the precautions for wearing anti-static clothing.

1. Anti-static clothes are all made of anti-static fabrics, and linings are generally not used. When lining must be used, the exposed area of ​​the lining should not exceed 20% of the inner surface area of ​​the entire garment.

2. Choose different grades of anti-static fabrics and anti-static clothes according to the electrostatic sensitivity of different places and different processing objects.

3. Anti-static clothing must be worn with anti-static shoes specified in the GB4385 standard.

4. It is forbidden to wear and take off anti-static clothing in flammable and explosive places.

5. Do not wear anti-static clothing in a strong electromagnetic environment or in an area with high-voltage bare wires nearby.

6. It is forbidden to attach or wear any metal objects on the anti-static clothing.

7. It is forbidden to put on or take off anti-static clothing at the site where electrostatic sensitive products are operated (the clothes should be changed in the designated changing room).

8. The anti-static clothing purchased in batches should be randomly selected to test the charge amount before being worn. After wearing for a certain period of time, especially when the wearer feels electric shock when undressing, retest should be carried out.

9. The washing of anti-static clothing should be carried out by simple methods as far as possible, and the work clothes should be protected from washing by strong mechanical and chemical operations.

The correct way to wear anti-static clothing

When buying anti-static clothing, you are very cautious in choosing, because it is to have a better effect in the process of work, and the protection function is stronger. In addition to strict attention when buying anti-static clothing, we also need to pay attention to some details in the process of wearing it, in order to better play the function of anti-static clothing.

In addition, when working in different places, you must choose different anti-static clothing. When wearing it, you need to pay attention to details. Choose different grades of anti-static fabrics. This will have great differences in anti-static effects. There must also be targeted differences when it comes to different workplaces. There must be different effects in different workplaces.

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