What are the problems with inferior anti-static clothing


Modern industrial production attaches great importance […]

Modern industrial production attaches great importance to protection, especially in industries sensitive to electrostatic dust, such as microelectronics, optoelectronics, solar energy, medicine, bioengineering, food, cosmetics, petrochemical industry, military industry, etc. The anti-static work clothes are made of polyester anti-static fabric through special process, and have efficient anti-static performance, which can effectively lead the accumulated electrostatic charge of human body to the ground, thus eliminating static electricity. Anti-static clothing is an essential work clothes in static-sensitive places, so there is a large demand in the industry, which leads some manufacturers to cheat consumers by taking advantage of customers' lack of professional knowledge of anti-static clothing in order to obtain greater profits!

Poor anti-static work clothes usually have the following symptoms:
1. Poor quality anti-static clothing is prone to appearance quality problems, such as fabric damage, improper wiring, easy opening and other elbow problems.
2. The use of low-quality anti-static fabric, conductive fiber is easy to fall off, directly affecting the quality of anti-static clothing!
3. The proportion of conductive wires in the fabric is not equal, and the anti-static performance is poor. The conductive wire on the antistatic fabric should be as obvious as possible.
4. Disposable anti-static clothing, which uses electrostatic fluid to soak ordinary fabrics to make them have anti-static performance, can also pass the test. However, there is a drawback. Once cleaned, its anti-static performance will be lost.
Although such means make it difficult for customers to distinguish, the defective products are still defective after all. In front of "professional", they will show their original shape immediately!

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