What are the standards of anti-static clothing


Anti-static clothing is a special kind of work clothes. […]

Anti-static clothing is a special kind of work clothes. Its special fabric is specially used, which has high efficiency and permanent anti-static and dust-proof performance. It is applicable to petroleum, chemical, electronic and other industries. However, there is not only one kind of anti-static clothing. The manufacturer of anti-static clothing designs anti-static clothing with different performance according to the needs of different industries. Different levels of anti-static work clothes should be selected for different places and different sensitivities.

The anti-static work clothes are made of anti-static fabric and sewn according to the structure specified in the requirements, in order to prevent static electricity from accumulating on the clothes. What is anti-static fabric? The yarn used in the spinning of anti-static fabric is made of conductive fiber, or embedded with conductive filament, or can be treated with anti-static property.

Of course, because of the particularity of anti-static work clothes, not everyone can produce them at will. The state has a series of standards for the performance of anti-static clothing. The anti-static clothing produced by the anti-static clothing manufacturer must undergo a series of tests. Only those that meet the national standards can be regarded as qualified anti-static clothing.

1. The appearance shall be free of spots, damages, dirt and other defects that affect the performance of clothes.
2. Anti-static performance: the number of charged charges and washing resistance of each anti-static clothing should meet the requirements.
3. The structural design, style and materials meet the requirements.
4. Ultra-strong breaking strength, tested in radial and latitudinal directions, anti-static work clothes must be supervised and inspected by the quality supervision department of protective articles designated by the state, and can be used safely. For specific parameters, please refer to relevant documents.
With regard to the national standard of anti-static clothing, I hope that everyone can rationally choose the appropriate anti-static work clothes and try to choose a formal anti-static clothing manufacturer to avoid being deceived.

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