Methods for maintaining cleanliness of antistatic clothing


How to maintain the cleanliness of antistatic clothing? […]

How to maintain the cleanliness of antistatic clothing? Anti static clothing has become the standard work clothes for industries such as electronic instruments, medical pharmaceuticals, food processing, and biological laboratories. In these production environments, anti-static is one aspect, and cleanliness is the other.
With the improvement of people's living standards, the quality requirements for these products are becoming increasingly high, so how to improve the product experience? First of all, high-quality products are nothing more than these: high-quality raw materials, high-quality technology, high-quality production space! If the dust in the production environment contaminates the product, it has a significant impact on the product. Therefore, high-quality production workshops have a great relationship with whether the product is excellent or not! Anti static clothing with both anti static and dust free functions naturally plays an important role in this process, so it is also necessary to maintain the cleanliness of anti static clothing.
How to keep antistatic clothing clean? You can start from four aspects:
1. Normative use:
In the use of anti-static clothing, there are many considerations, such as zippers to be properly zipped, buttons to be fastened, lace up to be fastened, not exposing the inside of clothing, not wearing metal objects, and so on!
2. Professional cleaning:
The cleaning of antistatic clothing should not be the same as that of ordinary clothing. It is recommended to clean it in a place with a small amount of dust. The water and solvent used for cleaning are highly demanding. Do not use strong acid and alkali detergent to prevent the performance of the clothing from being damaged. Please use a neutralizing detergent for cleaning!
3. Professional storage:
Attention should be paid to the fact that anti-static clothing should not be placed in damp places and should not be exposed to dusty areas as much as possible to avoid affecting the performance of the anti-static clothing!
4. Periodic testing:
During the use of anti-static clothing, the cleanliness level will gradually decrease, which requires regular testing to check whether the cleanliness of the anti-static clothing still meets the standard. If it does not meet the standard, it needs to be cleaned. If there is damage and it cannot be repaired, then it can only be scrapped!

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