The smaller the mesh of the anti-static clothing, the better the performance


Anti-static clothing is a kind of protective equipment […]

Anti-static clothing is a kind of protective equipment that needs to be equipped as standard in factories that require electrostatic protection and control. It is to prevent the accumulation of static electricity on clothing, so anti-static fabrics are used as fabrics, and work clothes are sewn according to the specified style and structure. Anti-static clothing is mixed with conductive threads when weaving, usually uniform stripes and grids of conductive threads, which can quickly guide the static electricity of the human body into the earth. In the ultra-clean fabric of anti-static clothing, the smaller the spacing between the same type of conductive fibers is, the better the anti-static performance will be. Is there a problem with this sentence?

The more common anti-static polyester fabrics on the market are divided into three styles: 5mm stripes, 5mm grids, and 2.5mm grids.

The performance of the conductive thread embedding is different, and its performance will also vary greatly. Anti-static clothing mainly uses the corona discharge and leakage discharge mechanism of conductive fibers to eliminate the charging of clothes and human body. That is to say, when grounded, in addition to being neutralized by the corona discharge of the conductive fibers, the static electricity on the fabric can also be released to the ground through the conductive fibers; when not grounded, it is neutralized by the weak corona discharge of the conductive fibers Dissipate electricity.

The smaller the distance between the conductive wires, the better the anti-static and dust-proof effect of the anti-static clothing.

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