Do you pay attention to the anti-static effect of dust-free boots


The dust-free shoes are made of special polyester filam […]

The dust-free shoes are made of special polyester filament and high-performance conductive fiber. The conductive fiber is a stripe or grid with a spacing of 5mm, which has good electrostatic discharge effect. As one of the indispensable equipment in the dust-free room, the efficacy of dust-free shoes has been paid more and more attention.

Many enterprises failed to detect the dust-free shoes in time, resulting in the appearance of dust-free shoes with lost performance in the production workshop, resulting in the product quality of the production line could not be guaranteed. So what is the reason why the dust-free clothes lose their performance without any reason?

1. Pay attention not to use strong acid and alkali detergent. In addition, the soaking time should not exceed 3 hours, otherwise the dust-free shoes will lose their original anti-static effect.
2. When wearing anti-static shoes, do not polish them from time to time, especially when cleaning. Repeated rubbing will cause the conductive fiber inside the dust-free shoes to break. If the conductive fiber breaks, it will not allow the static electricity to be discharged to the ground smoothly, and it will easily cause the dust-free shoes to be scrapped very early.
3. During the transportation of dust-free shoes, it is strictly forbidden to contact with high temperature or direct sunlight. Dust-free shoes are prone to electrostatic induction and generate electrostatic sparks, resulting in fire.
4. In the process of storing dust-free shoes, do not put them in a humid environment, but in a dry and ventilated warehouse. Because dust-free shoes are prone to mildew in a humid environment, once mildewed and deteriorated, dust-free shoes will be scrapped.

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