In this way, the service time of anti-static clothing can be extended


The anti-static clothing adopts the special polyester f […]

The anti-static clothing adopts the special polyester filament warp and weft process to embed the conductive wire, which has high anti-static and dust-proof performance and effectively eliminates the electrostatic charge of human body, and was once recognized as the "nemesis" of static electricity. In fact, there is no clear relevant regulations and standards for the use time of anti-static work clothes, but the use time of anti-static clothing can be extended by doing the following.
1、 Selection of raw materials
The reason why anti-static clothing has anti-static function is that it uses conductive fabric. The most common anti-static fabric in the market is made of polyester filament embedded with imported conductive wire. The way to distinguish the fabric is to use a special instrument to test it.
2、 Workmanship
Professional production technology is also the key to determine the service life of anti-static work clothes. For example, the vehicle line is not neat, the embedded clip is not handled properly, it will crack or other parts will be damaged after wearing for a period of time, which will lead to the shortening of the service life of anti-static clothing.
3、 Precautions for use
Before wearing anti-static clothing and entering the dust-free workshop, check whether there are prohibited items in the pocket, such as cigarettes, lighters, paper towels, wallets, mobile phones, etc.
4、 Washing method
Newly sewn anti-static clothes can be cleaned directly, but worn or recycled clothes should be checked for damage, stains and other problems before cleaning. It is forbidden to use strong acid and alkali detergent, and should use neutralizing detergent, and try to operate in a place with less dust.
5、 Saving method
The enterprise will set up an independent wardrobe for employees. The cabinet for storing anti-static clothing needs to be very clean, free from foreign matters and dust pollution, and needs to be disinfected regularly to maintain relative temperature and humidity.

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