Structural requirements for anti-static work clothes


Anti-static work clothes are made of special anti-stati […]

Anti-static work clothes are made of special anti-static clean cloth, with high efficiency anti-static and dust-proof performance, thin and smooth, and clear texture. In the process of making ready-to-wear clothes, special overlock sewing machines are used to effectively reduce the generation of particles. The dust-free adhesive buckle can avoid hair falling and polluting the clean room environment.

Different specifications of anti-static work clothes are customized according to the level requirements of the clean workshop. So as to meet the needs of other dust-free environment. The production of anti-static work clothes needs to include three aspects: structure, performance and strength. The production structure of clothing directly affects its anti-static effect, so the structural design of anti-static work clothes must ensure that:

1. Generally, the hat (work clothes) shall not be used for metal accessories. When it must be used for metal buttons and zippers, it shall be strictly guaranteed that the metal accessories are not directly exposed when wearing, so as to avoid sparks generated by discharge, causing fire and explosion.

2. Work clothes should be used for anti-static fabrics, not for lining. When it must be used for lining (pocket, reinforcing cloth, etc.), the exposed area of lining shall be less than 20% of the exposed area of all anti-static clothing; When the exposed area of the lining of the cold-proof clothing or other special anti-static clothing exceeds 20% of the total exposed area of the anti-static clothing, it shall be made into a removable mask and lining.

3. The requirement of the standard GB12014-1989 Anti-static Work Clothes is anti-static performance, that is, the amount of charged charge of each anti-static clothing. This requirement is directly related to the protective performance of the product. In addition, the seam breaking strength, the breaking strength of metal accessories, linings and clothing materials are the technical indicators that affect the wearing and anti-static effect of clothing.

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