Whether the damaged anti-static clothing can be used normally


Anti-static clothing belongs to the protective clothing […]

Anti-static clothing belongs to the protective clothing of special industries, which is made of anti-static clean fabric. This fabric is made of special polyester filament, woven with conductive fibers in warp or weft direction, and effectively reduces the generation of dust particles through professional overlock process; The efficient anti-static effect can effectively eliminate the static electricity accumulated by human body and help enterprises create a dust-free and static-free production environment. It is generally applicable to industries such as microelectronics, photoelectricity, solar energy, medicine, bioengineering, food, cosmetics, petrochemical industry, military industry, etc. that are sensitive to electrostatic dust and have high requirements for cleanliness.

There are many precautions for wearing anti-static clothing, such as not wearing any metal objects on the anti-static clothing to prevent the work clothes from being punctured by sharp objects. However, due to the operation problems of the station and the staff, scratches and tears often occur, causing damage to their work clothes. So can the damaged anti-static clothes be used normally in the workshop? Is there a remedy?

Damaged anti-static clothing cannot be used normally in the workshop. It is necessary to inspect its damage before deciding whether it is necessary to remedy it! If the damage is too serious, it should be replaced immediately to prevent the damaged work clothes from affecting the production environment.
For anti-static clothing, what degree of damage is necessary to repair? It is a common case that the seam is out of line, such as the opening at the armpit, crotch, pocket, etc., which can be repaired. However, there is no need to repair the direct damage and crack on the fabric, which will not only affect the beauty, but also affect the conductivity and dust-proof performance of the anti-static clothing. For some dust-free production environments with strict requirements, it is not allowed to modify the work clothes without permission, including sewing.

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