Matters needing attention when cleaning dust-free shoes


Anti-static sleeve shoes, also known as clean shoes, be […]

Anti-static sleeve shoes, also known as clean shoes, because of their high performance, are generally used in some relatively advanced clean rooms, such as: microelectronics, medicine, aerospace, precision machinery and other high purification level requirements 's enterprise. We all know that anti-static sleeve shoes are standard in clean rooms, which can effectively eliminate the electrostatic charge of the human body, prevent the products on the production line from being affected, and protect the life safety of the staff in the workshop! Sleeve shoes are a high level among anti-static shoes. The shoes made of high temperature integrated injection molding are stitched with polyester anti-static cloth sleeves, which have efficient anti-static and dust-proof performance. The middle layer of the sole is sandwiched with anti-static EVA, which is comfortable to wear. Breathable, not easy to degumming, it does not generate dust, but also inhibits the dust brought by the human body walking in the clean room! Of course, even dust-free, dust-free shoes require regular cleaning.

It is not difficult to clean dust-free shoes, but there are some things to pay attention to:

1. First of all, check whether the worn shoes are damaged, the objects fall off and other maintenance treatments, and pre-decontaminate the special pollution items to be cleaned.

2. When cleaning, try to choose some places with less dust for cleaning, otherwise it will not only be unclean, but may also cause secondary pollution to the clean shoes.

3. Do not use laundry detergent with strong acid and alkali, which may damage the anti-static and dust-free performance of dust-free shoes. You must use neutral laundry detergent, or buy professional laundry detergent from the manufacturer for cleaning.

4. After washing, it is dried. Just like cleaning, choose a place with less dust for drying to prevent secondary pollution!

5. After each cleaning, the performance of the clean shoes should be checked regularly to prevent the clean shoes that were damaged during cleaning from entering the workshop again, causing unnecessary trouble to the products and personnel on the production line!

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