The excellent quality of anti-static dust-free clothing depends on the fabric


Dust-free anti-static clothing, as its name suggests, i […]

Dust-free anti-static clothing, as its name suggests, is a work clothing with dust-free performance and anti-static performance. Don't underestimate this dust-free anti-static clothing. The so-called dust-free anti-static performance includes excellent dust-proof performance and the effect of eliminating static electricity. It is generally used in dust-sensitive dust-free studios. It is necessary to know that "dust" must be protected in workshop production, especially some industries that are sensitive to electrostatic dust, such as microelectronics, semiconductors, optoelectronics, pharmaceuticals, food and other industries, have even more requirements for electrostatic dust.

So do you know what is the relationship between the excellent performance of dust-free anti-static clothing?

Dust-free anti-static clothing also has advantages and disadvantages, so what determines the pros and cons of dust-free clothing? The answer is "conductive filament"!

Dust-free clothes are divided into 10,000-grade dust-free clothes, 1000-grade dust-free clothes, 100-grade dust-free clothes, etc. Of course, there are more advanced dust-free clothes! The fabric for making clean clothes is an anti-static fabric made of polyester cloth inlaid with conductive filaments, that is, an anti-static clean fabric. This fabric not only has anti-static properties, but also has efficient dust-proof properties, and does not emit dust itself. .

There are three common polyester anti-static fabrics on the market, 0.5 stripes, 0.5 meshes, and 0.25 meshes. The previous values ​​represent the density of the conductive filaments in the fabric. The striped mesh refers to the shape of the conductive filaments inlaid. Whether the performance of the clothes is strong is also determined by the fabric. The reason why the anti-static clothing can prevent static electricity is also because of the black conductive thread on the clothes. The tighter and more obvious the conductive thread, the better the effect.

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