Please wear anti-static shoes correctly


Anti-static shoes are a kind of work shoes worn by the […]

Anti-static shoes are a kind of work shoes worn by the production workshops and advanced laboratories of the microelectronics industry such as electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits to reduce or eliminate the hazards of static electricity. The sole is made of PU or PVC material for dissipating electricity, and the upper is integrally formed with high temperature integrated injection molding, and then reinforced on the line. It has efficient anti-static and dust-proof performance. Static clothing constitutes a complete anti-static system.

The effect of anti-static shoes can not be ignored, but some staff do not take it seriously. Due to the lack of professional knowledge, employees do not pay much attention to electrostatic protection. For example, wearing and taking off anti-static shoes at will in the workshop, exposing the heels to the outside, privately adding insoles to anti-static shoes, etc., can this still play an anti-static role? Can the quality of the products on the production line be guaranteed? Can the safety of the staff be guaranteed?

The answer is no, of course it cannot be said that it has no effect at all, but it will affect the anti-static performance. Anti-static shoes are the standard configuration of anti-static clothing. They are generally suitable for production workshops sensitive to static electricity to prevent all places with static hazards such as burning and explosion caused by static electricity of the human body. If you do not wear anti-static shoes according to the specifications, you cannot completely eliminate static electricity, and you cannot completely eliminate static electricity, and you cannot guarantee the quality of products on the production line and the personal safety of staff.

Therefore, enterprises should emphasize this point when conducting induction training for employees. When wearing anti-static clothing and shoes in accordance with the regulations, they must make their interests clear, so that everyone has the concept of self-protection, so as to eliminate various problems in production. an unfavorable factor.

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