Maintenance and cleaning of anti-static clothing


Anti-static clothing is a very important means of elect […]

Anti-static clothing is a very important means of electrostatic protection, so its use and maintenance requirements are very high. Anti-static clothing is required not to be worn out of the workplace, regularly inspected, and entrusted to a professional cleaning company for maintenance and professional cleaning. Usually, anti-static work clothes are washed at least once every two weeks, and some demanding jobs such as semiconductor processing workshops are even washed once a day. But we should also pay attention to how to maintain it at other times.

Maintenance of anti-static clothing:

1. First of all, when wearing anti-static clothing, you need to wear a matching anti-static cap and anti-static shoes, so as to maximize the anti-static effect.

2. Be careful not to wear metal accessories when wearing anti-static clothing, because metal materials can conduct electricity. If there is static electricity on the body, it will cause discharge when it comes into contact with metal materials.

3. In the same way, when wearing anti-static clothing, the tools used should also have anti-static and anti-fire effects, preferably special tools.

Anti-static cleaning method:

1. The newly sewn clean anti-static clothing can be washed directly, but if oil stains are found in the recycled anti-static clothing, the oil stains should be carefully removed before the washing procedure.

2. Before washing, check the accessories such as scratches, damage and hasps, and repair, replace or scrap the defective ones.

3. For clean anti-static clothing, it must be cleaned, dried and packaged in a clean room with a higher cleanliness than the clean room where work clothing is used.

4. It must be washed with neutral clean water to ensure that the conductive fibers on the anti-static clothing fabric are not corroded, otherwise the anti-static performance of the anti-static clothing will be damaged.

5. In order to remove water-soluble contaminants, after washing with clean water, use solvent for final washing to remove oily contaminants.

6. The water temperature for wet washing is as follows: polyester cloth 60-70C (maximum 70C); nylon cloth 50-55C (maximum 60C).

7. Anti-static clothing with buckles should be washed in the buckled state.

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