The difference between dust-free cotton swabs and ordinary cotton swabs


In fact, there is an essential difference between dust- […]

In fact, there is an essential difference between dust-free cotton swabs and cotton swabs. The swab head of ordinary cotton swabs is made of cotton, which cannot be cleaned without dust, and in the process of wiping, it is likely to scrape off cotton dust.

The dust-free cotton swabs are divided into two types: sponge head and cloth head. They are all cleaned and packaged in a clean room. Therefore, in a high-grade dust-free environment, the cotton swabs used must be above 100 grades. Dust cotton swabs can meet the requirements!

In fact, there are not only the above two kinds of materials for purification cotton swab heads, but there are also the following types on the market:

1. Cloth head:
According to the difference of the cloth head and its use function and performance, it can be divided into the following types:
1: Knitted nylon cloth (super wear-resistant) B: Knitted microfiber (wipe fine dust, generally wear-resistant)
2: Woven fabric microfiber (specially used for wiping)
3: Knitted polyester (the fabric is longitudinally grained and the gap is deep, which can hold more dirt)
The above clean cloth head wipes can be cleaned to level 100 or above, and are suitable for electronic equipment.

The spongy head
Sponge head: According to the density and debris of the sponge head, it can be divided into the following two types.
Open-pored PU sponge, 100PPI (PP-POREPERINCH, refers to the number of holes per inch, the larger the number, the finer the sponge, the less easy it is to drop chips). for medical treatment;
Open-cell PU sponge, 400500PPI, higher density than 10PPI, less prone to chipping, higher dust-free level, three kinds of non-woven heads.
Non-woven processing head: (low grade, but less difficult to process and cheap) PVA head.
Good elasticity and softness make it do not leave scars: unlike textiles and non-woven fabrics, there is no fuzzing phenomenon; the amazing self-property makes it can be reused many times;
Super absorbent, can quickly absorb up to 6 times its own water volume; hydrophilic, widely applicable to water and various organic materials;

No dust, no silicon, no crumbs, environmentally friendly and degradable. After professional treatment, it has good chemical resistance and mildew resistance. Wide range of applications and good prospects. For electrical appliances, semiconductors, LCD, optics, precision instruments, window cleaners and absorbent materials in clean rooms in the industrial sector.

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