Industrial wear anti-static work clothes are essential


Anti-static work clothes are a kind of work clothes wor […]

Anti-static work clothes are a kind of work clothes worn in the production workshops and laboratories of microelectronics industries such as electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits to reduce or eliminate the hazards of static electricity. Why is it necessary to wear anti-static overalls in industrial production workshops?

1. The generation of static electricity

1. In normal production activities, workers wear work clothes and external media surfaces (such as countertops, chairs, tools, appliances, etc.), between clothes, underwear and skin, and even between the soles of shoes when walking. Between the floors, the shoes of childhood clothing will be charged due to frequent contact, separation and friction. Especially when high-insulating chemical fiber clothing is worn, the local electrostatic charge of clothing and shoes will be as much as 6 of the charge on the medium. The three regularly and gradually spread to the surface, and when equilibrium is reached, a certain static voltage is formed on the clothing.

2. The human body itself is a conductor, and the charged clothing will be charged around the skin of the human body due to electrostatic induction, and a certain static voltage will also be formed.

2. The harm of static electricity

1. Static electricity is for the semiconductor device manufacturing industry: due to the mechanical effect of static electricity, the floating dust in the workshop will be adsorbed on the semiconductor chip; the dust may also adhere and deposit on objects other than the chip, but due to various sudden incidents The external force may still cause the dust to be adsorbed on the chip when it flies again. Even a small amount of dust particles with very small linearity attached to the chip will seriously affect the quality of the semiconductor device. When a charged object forms a discharge path through the device or the charged device itself has a discharge path, electrostatic discharge will occur and cause damage to the device.

2. Static electricity for the use of semiconductor devices: The device will attract dust particles to the surface of the device when it is working, causing the insulation resistance between the devices to decrease, thereby affecting the operation of the device.

In order to ensure production safety and eliminate hidden dangers of insecurity, workers should wear anti-static overalls to eliminate static electricity accumulated in the human body.

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