What are the commonly used specifications and types of clean cloth


There are many types of dust-free cloth on the market. […]

There are many types of dust-free cloth on the market. The commonly used dust-free cloth sizes are 4*4 inch, 6*6 inch, 9*9 inch (1 inch=2.5cm), and other sizes can be customized according to requirements. Today, the editor of Jiebai will tell you the analysis of the specifications and types of dust-free cloth commonly used in the market.

Many customers need to buy common dust-free cloth specifications: 4 inches, 6 inches, 9 inches, etc., and special requirements can be customized. The general electronic company mainly depends on which electronic products are used, and the requirements are high or not, in general. It is recommended to use ultra-fine dust-free cloth, the quality of the cloth is very good, but some more sensitive electronic components require better dust-free cloth, depending on the situation, the material is generally ultra-fine fiber dust-free cloth, I want to Everyone should know the dust removal effect of fine fiber dust-free cloth. Common specifications: 4 inches, 6 inches, 9 inches, and the size is similar.

So what kinds of dust-free wipes are there? I understand that there are three commonly used clean cloth specifications, but I don’t know the types. I believe those who don’t know will have a lot of doubts. The following is a detailed introduction to some specific types of clean cloth.

The first classification is classified according to fiber thickness: polyester fiber dust-free cloth, superfine fiber dust-free cloth, sub-microfiber dust-free cloth, imitation superfine fiber dust-free cloth, high-density dust-free cloth; There are still some precautions for the cleaning of dust cloths, so you must ask clearly. Special attention should be paid to the cleaning of microfiber dust-free cloths. If they are cleaned properly, their service life is still very high!

The second classification is classified according to the purification level: Class 10 clean cloth, Class 100 clean cloth, Class 1000 clean cloth;

The third classification is classified by function: nuclear industry dust-free cloth, radiation-proof dust-free cloth, photoelectric dust-free cloth, PCB dust-free cloth, anti-static dust-free cloth, conductive dust-free cloth, polished dust-free cloth;

The fourth classification is classified by product model: 1009 series polyester clean cloth, 2009 polyester clean cloth, 3009 polyester clean cloth, 4009 sub-microfiber clean cloth, 5009 superfine fiber clean cloth, 6009 superfine Fiber clean cloth, 8009 superfine fiber clean cloth, 9009 superfine fiber clean cloth.

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