How to choose the right clean cloth


Many purchases are not unfamiliar to clean cloth, but w […]

Many purchases are not unfamiliar to clean cloth, but when it comes to choosing clean cloth, they don’t know how to choose the right clean cloth. The hidden relationship is not something that you can understand, you have to understand it personally. The dust-free cloth is soft and delicate in texture, soft and not rough, and easy to absorb water and oil. These three functions make dust-free products widely used in the production field. Now more and more friends are very fond of this product.

Everyone knows that the work of a clean room is more complicated and cumbersome, and there are many types of products involved. Only by choosing the right clean cloth for different production operations can the role of clean products be played out. So how to choose the right clean room Dust cloth is extremely heavy for clean rooms. If there are special requirements for organic matter, the wipes cannot be organic. When the surface temperature of the wiped object is too high, it is necessary to use a dust-free cloth of 100% wood pulp to ensure the quality and safety of the product. The residues in the production workshop need to use woven wipe materials to prevent contamination of the clean dust-free cloth. How to choose a clean cloth, I think, you are now interested in learning about it.

Generally, a dust-free workshop with a large amount of dust is suitable for the use of wipes with a larger aperture, so that the dust pollution can be removed more thoroughly and the environment of the dust-free production workshop is more comfortable. For products with higher surface cleanliness requirements, ultra-high cleanliness dust-free wipes are required to achieve the purpose of purification and dust removal. The material structure of the dust-free cloth is relatively complicated, and it is suitable for wiping use in the dust-free workshop. The appropriate dust-free cloth should be selected according to the actual production conditions of different workshops, so that the effect can be achieved. And one more thing to pay attention to is the precautions for buying a clean cloth. If you get all these points, you will definitely choose the clean cloth that suits you.

Dust-free cloth is a special wiping product for dust-free workshops. It has strong cleaning and decontamination capabilities, will not cause secondary pollution and reverse pollution in the workshop, can resist the erosion of various solutions, and is also suitable for operating experiments in the laboratory. , To ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of the test, if there are problems at this time, how to choose the appropriate clean cloth? You should be able to understand, the ultra-low amount of dust is to judge the quality of clean cloth According to one, such a dust-free cloth is suitable for use in high-precision dust-free workshops. Especially in high-tech industries, electronic chips, medical industries, high-end laboratories and other places.

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