What are the characteristics of clean cloth


Many users and friends do not understand the characteri […]

Many users and friends do not understand the characteristics of sub-ultra-fine dust-free cloth, and there are several models of sub-ultra-fine dust-free cloth, and they certainly don’t understand what the characteristics of the dust-free cloth are. The characteristics of clean cloth, to help you solve this problem.

Have you ever understood the characteristics of the fiber dust-free cloth in the sub-microfiber dust-free cloth? If not, then let's learn about the characteristics and applicable scope of the dust-free cloth with Shuoyuan Technology.

Features of dust-free cloth: The sub-ultra-fine dust-free cloth is made by cutting the edge of the cloth by laser or ultrasonic slices and then washing it in ultra-pure water and vacuum packaging in a 10-100 clean room. The material is extremely soft and does not cause any damage to the surface of the object to be wiped. It can be used with confidence even in high-precision fields, such as coated lenses and large-scale integrated circuit production processes. These are also the characteristics of microfiber clean cloth, but also the basic requirements.

The main characteristics of the dust-free cloth are that it has strong water absorption, does not shed hair, does not waste solvent, does not leave dust particles when wiping, and does not damage the surface of the wiping object. Moreover, this sub-ultra-fine dust-free cloth requires a product with a very high surface of the wipe. Such as: LCD panels, mobile phone chips, TFT, LCD, LED optical instruments, medical, precision high-tech production equipment, etc. can all use sub-ultra-fine dust-free cloth.

The high-density woven structure makes the specific surface area of ​​each gram of sub-microfiber clean cloth reach 200m2, and the dust absorption is increased several times, and the surface of the object can be completely cleaned with only light wipe. Superfine fiber, excellent capillary effect, fast drying becomes one of its remarkable characteristics, so the wiping effect can understand how the superfine fiber dust-free cloth judges this problem. The high-strength synthetic filaments are not easy to break, and the fibers are not easy to fall off the clean cloth, and there is no pollution in the clean area. Laser cutting and ultrasonic have a unique cutting and melting effect, which completely solves the dust phenomenon of edge banding and maximizes the quality of products. It is the most advanced cutting edge banding method.

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