How to choose a suitable dust-free wipe


Many friends are not clear about how to choose a suitab […]

Many friends are not clear about how to choose a suitable dust-free wiping cloth. In fact, the question of how to choose a dust-free wiping cloth is a bit more general. To choose a dust-free wiping cloth, the first thing you want to do is to see what product you are going to wipe. What kind of industry do you work in. If the requirements are relatively high or for wiping high-precision instruments, you must choose ultra-fine fiber dust-free cloth. If it is only a general electronics factory and the requirements are not high, then you can choose ordinary dust-free cloth. . So the key to choosing a dust-free wipe depends on what you are going to do.

1. Find out the objects that need to be clear and the requirements for cleanliness:

The so-called cleaning object, we need to determine what we mainly remove? Is it a general grease fingerprint or some residual glue? Or a general dust that is easy to remove? Does the cleaned surface have high temperature? How hard is the cleaned surface? It prevents scratches Are there any requirements? How high is the level of cleanliness that needs to be achieved? Are there requirements for organic silicon pollutants? Is it sensitive to pollutant ions?

2. Determine the compatibility with the solvent used

Dust-free wiping cloth materials are all polymer materials. When we do the cleaning process, we must use organic solvents for cleaning, but there is one problem we must pay attention to, that is, to what extent our materials can tolerate our organic Solvent? How soluble is our wiping material itself in solvent? This is the problem of the solubility parameter of polymer materials. It is recommended to check the solubility parameter first when choosing a better wiping cloth. The closer the solubility parameter is to the solubility parameter of the solvent, the easier it is for the wiping cloth to be dissolved by the solvent.

3. Determine the type of dust-free material

Because the application of dust-free wipes is extremely wide, before choosing a wipe, first determine the advantages and disadvantages of various dust-free wipe materials:

Regarding how to choose dust-free wipes, we can determine the type of dust-free wipes we need according to our actual needs. If the main purpose is to remove grease or fingerprints, polyester-nylon composite microfiber dust-free wipes are more suitable, because this type of dust-free wipes have more contact with the surface, and the wiping effect is higher than that of ordinary ordinary fiber dust-free wipes. It is to remove the residual glue that adheres tightly to the surface. It is more appropriate to use a woven dust-free wipe. If the surface temperature is relatively high, it is more appropriate to use 100% wood pulp or 100% cotton dust-free wipes. If there is a requirement for silicone, the dust-free wipes must not contain silicone. If the wiping dust and the residual glue volume are relatively large, it is more appropriate to use a knitted material dust-free wiping cloth with a relatively large pore size. In terms of how to choose dust-free wipes, in fact, the higher the surface cleanliness requirements, the more we need to look for dust-free wipes with high cleanliness.

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