What is the main function of dust-free cloth in dust-free workshop


The requirements for dust-free workshops in various ind […]

The requirements for dust-free workshops in various industries are constantly increasing, more and more precision products, and the requirements for the production environment are also constantly improving. In the production workshop, if there is a need for dust-free cloth to wipe, then the dust-free cloth is in the dust-free workshop What role does it play? For the clean room production workshop, dust pollution is one kind, and static electricity damage. Especially for electronic products, static electricity is extremely harmful. If you are not careful, you will be damaged by static electricity. The use of dust-free cloth can effectively clean the stains on the surface of the electronic components and protect the electronic components from static electricity. So what is the main function of the clean cloth in the clean room? Simply put, there are two points, dust-proof and dust-free.

With the development of the market, the use of dust-free cloth has become more and more widely used. The widespread use of dust-free cloth can not only reduce production costs, but also protect electronic products from dust and static electricity, and will not cause some pollution. , Can be recycled. What role does the dust-free cloth play in the dust-free workshop? In fact, there are many main characteristics of the dust-free cloth. The ordinary dust-free cloth is made of polyester double-woven, the surface is soft, easy to wipe the sensitive surface, friction does not come off, and has good water absorption Sex and cleaning efficiency. Product cleaning and packaging are completed in the ultra-clean workshop. Optional edge banding generally include: cold cutting, laser edge banding, and ultrasonic edge banding. Ultra-fine dust-free cloth generally uses laser and ultrasonic to perfect the edge; dust-free cloth is widely popular in the market today, and its non-shaving characteristics can ensure the cleanliness of the use environment and ensure the quality of work.

The dust-free cloth is cleaned and packaged in a class 100 dust-free workshop. The fabric is woven with conductive filaments, so it has a dust-free function. The wiping cloth itself does not generate dust, fall off and become fluffy. The four sides of the wiping cloth are uniform. After laser edge banding. The wiping cloth can be used to wipe electronic products that require strict control of dust and static electricity in a dust-free workshop. What is the role of the dust-free cloth in the dust-free workshop? I think the most important thing is to have a wiping effect. The cloth is thick and compact, large in size, and packed in 100 pieces/bag. There are also many types of dust-free wipes with different fabric thickness and tightness. The material is woven from ordinary polyester filaments, and there are also ultra-fine wovens. The size of a single piece can be processed into 9 inches X 9 inches, 6 inches X 6 inches, or 4 inches X 4 inches. Someone will ask at this time,

How much is a bag of clean cloth? In fact, this depends on the style and fabric you want to use, and the weight. If you need to use more sizes, we can process it according to the customer's size requirements.

On this basis, the weight is also a factor that affects the use of the dust-free cloth. The larger the weight of the dust-free cloth of the same material, the higher the corresponding wiping ability. Our grammage ranges from 80g/mm to 240g/mm, which broadly covers the requirements of the industry. Good materials, accurate weight, and not even good edge banding methods. We use the current advanced laser cutting method to effectively ensure that the dust-free cloth is dust-free, does not fall off, and has strong water absorption. Sub-pollution.

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