ESD Protection Measures in Information Engineering


With the rapid development of my country's information […]

With the rapid development of my country's information industry, information engineering has penetrated into various fields such as post and telecommunications, radio and television, finance, transportation, aerospace, national defense, energy, meteorology, commerce, and office automation. In information engineering, the damage of electrostatic discharge to sensitive electronic components affects the reliability of the project, which brings forward a new topic for information engineering - electrostatic protection. The state attaches great importance to this, and in recent years has formulated various standards for controlling electrostatic hazards, including the mandatory standard GB50174-93.1. Static electricity hazards and fault characteristics in information engineering
In information engineering, large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits are widely used in various complete machines, such as: large, medium and small computer mainframes and terminal equipment, program-controlled telephone switching equipment, mobile communication equipment, satellite communication equipment, data transmission equipment, broadcasting equipment Transmitting and receiving equipment, automatic control equipment, etc. Due to the high density, large capacity, miniaturization and ultra-miniaturization of the microelectronic components used, they are particularly sensitive to static electricity. Electrostatic discharge can damage sensitive devices and cause breakdown or semi-breakdown; computer malfunction or calculation error, poor punching machine perforation, printer paper jam; the user board, relay board, and control board of the switching equipment are faulty, causing communication noise or Communication is interrupted; the image of the broadcast receiving equipment is unclear; the automatic control equipment is out of control; it can also cause the launch of the launch vehicle to fail. The fault characteristics caused by static electricity are as follows:
1. The electrostatic failure is related to the ambient humidity. Appearing season: In the south, it is mainly the dry season of winter and spring, and the humidity is sometimes 20-30%; in the northwest region, all seasons may appear.
2. There are many faults caused by static electricity, and the repeatability is not strong. Generally, it is a random fault. Therefore, it is difficult to find out the cause.
3. Static electricity is related to the installation environment of the equipment, the ground materials used, the workbench of the terminal equipment and the work clothes and shoes of the staff.
4. When static electricity causes the computer to malfunction, it often occurs when the human body or other insulators touch the computer equipment.
5. The failure of the exchange equipment caused by static electricity is due to the human body walking with electricity during cleaning and maintenance, and the board is damaged by touching the circuit board by hand.
6. The effect of electrostatics makes dust adhere, pollutes the product and the use environment; reduces the quality of the product and the service life of the equipment.

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