Daily maintenance of anti-static clothing


As special work clothes, anti-static clothing has high- […]

As special work clothes, anti-static clothing has high-efficiency anti-static and dust-proof performance. It is widely used in clean studios such as microelectronics, optoelectronics, semiconductors, bioengineering, military industry, medicine and food. It can effectively eliminate the static electricity accumulated by the staff. charge, maintain cleanliness in the work room.

However, due to the failure of many enterprises to properly maintain the anti-static clothing, the performance of the work clothes is degraded, thus affecting the product qualification rate on the production line!

In fact, it is the same reason that many garments need regular maintenance. Although anti-static clothing itself can be well dustproof, it does not mean that regular maintenance and cleaning are not required. In view of the fact that the material of the whole garment contains special ingredients, special attention should be paid to the cleaning process. Do not use ordinary washing powder or detergent for cleaning. Of course, you cannot mix it with ordinary clothes for washing. Try to go to a professional purification and cleaning workshop. Professionally clean according to the level of anti-static clothing that needs to be cleaned.

1. The newly sewn anti-static clothing can be washed directly, but if oil stains are found in the recycled anti-static clothing, the oil stains should be carefully removed before the washing procedure.

2. Before cleaning, check the accessories such as scratches, damage and hasps, and repair, replace or scrap the defective ones.

3. Clean, dry and pack in places with high cleanliness as much as possible to prevent secondary pollution to anti-static clothing.

4. In order to prevent the performance of anti-static clothing from being damaged, it is forbidden to use laundry detergent with strong acid and alkali during cleaning, and neutral laundry detergent must be used.

5. Washing water temperature is as follows: polyester cloth 60-70C, nylon cloth 50-55C.

6. When rinsing and permeating water, antistatic agent can be used to improve the antistatic property, but the selected antistatic agent should be well combined with the fiber, and no dust will fall off.

7. The latter is drying. Just like cleaning, find a place with relatively high cleanliness for drying!

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