Eliminate static electricity, anti-static shoes must be worn


How to effectively eliminate production static electric […]

How to effectively eliminate production static electricity? Presumably, we should know that many factories and workshops need to wear work clothes. There are big coats, split suits and one-piece suits, that is, anti-static work clothes, which are specially used to eliminate human static electricity. In addition to anti-static clothing, wearing anti-static shoes is an essential process! Anti static work shoes are a kind of work shoes worn by workshops and advanced laboratories in the microelectronic industry, such as electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits, to reduce or eliminate static hazards.

Antistatic shoes are a type of work shoes, which can inhibit the dust generated by personnel walking in the dust-free room, reduce or eliminate the electrostatic hazard, and are often used in production workshops, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, clean workshops and laboratories of microelectronic industries such as electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment, integrated circuits, etc.

Wearing the anti-static shoes of the electronics factory can not only maintain the cleanliness of the room, but also eliminate the electrostatic charge accumulated by the human body, prevent the damage of static electricity to the products on the production line, and also prevent the unnecessary harm to the human body caused by electric shock below 250V.

The antistatic shoes of the electronics factory are made of PVC or PU foam materials, which are used to make soles and uppers, and then are integrally molded, and then reinforced on the line. They can effectively discharge static electricity, and form a complete anti-static system together with the anti-static clothing. The anti-static shoes are smart and light, with anti-static EVA in the middle of the sole to relieve foot pressure and make them more soft and comfortable. Upper materials: PVC leather/leather/leather/canvas/conductive silk/T/C fabric. The finished shoes are generally beautiful and generous, solid, anti-skid, with excellent wear resistance (5 times higher than the ordinary sole), and more environmentally friendly. It is the best selling high-quality anti-static shoes in the world.

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