How to properly maintain and store anti-static shoes


Anti static shoes are a kind of work shoes worn by work […]

Anti static shoes are a kind of work shoes worn by workshops and advanced laboratories of microelectronics industry, such as electronic semiconductor devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment, and integrated circuits, to reduce or eliminate static hazards. Electrostatic hazard to electronic products is very serious. Wearing anti-static shoes is a more effective way to solve the electrostatic hazard. You know a lot about anti-static clothing, including procurement and storage. However, you may not pay so much attention to the maintenance and storage of anti-static shoes. In fact, this idea is very dangerous. The maintenance and storage of anti-static shoes also need to be paid attention to. Let me introduce the storage methods and use precautions of anti-static shoes.
1. During transportation, the anti-static shoe package shall not be damaged, and the surface shall be covered with a covering to prevent exposure to sunlight and high temperature; It is strictly forbidden to drag with hand hook during the transportation.
2. Anti static shoes shall be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse to prevent mildew and deterioration.
3. In terms of maintenance, it is better to use neutral detergent to wash anti-static shoes. When washing, do not mix with other clothes. Use hand washing or washing machine soft washing procedures to prevent conductive fibers from breaking. The washing water temperature should be below 40 ℃. Rinse with normal temperature water. The washing time shall be as short as possible, but it must be rinsed sufficiently to remove the residual detergent.
4. In the place of use, when wearing anti-static shoes, the ground should be anti-static. When wearing anti-static shoes, you should not wear insulated wool thick socks and insulated insoles at the same time, and the soles should not be stuck with insulating substances. The anti-static shoes should be tested regularly to determine whether to replace them.
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