Use dust-free clothes properly, and don't let them lose their efficacy


The dust-free clothes should be properly maintained. If […]

The dust-free clothes should be properly maintained. If the maintenance method is not correct, the performance of the dust-free clothes will be degraded. The maintenance of the dust-free clothes is nothing but two points. The storage and cleaning of the dust-free clothes are different from ordinary clothes. Pay attention to the following methods:
1. Storage: During transportation, it shall be noted that the dust-free coverall must be covered, and the package shall not be damaged to prevent exposure to sunlight and high temperature; It is strictly forbidden to drag with hand hook during the transportation. Clothes should be stored in a dry and ventilated space to prevent mildew and deterioration. During storage, it shall be more than 200mm away from the ground and wall, and more than 1m away from all heating elements. It shall be protected from direct sunlight and shall not be placed in the open air.
2. Cleaning: Clean the dust-free clothes with neutral detergent. Do not use strong acid and strong alkali detergent. When washing, do not mix with other clothes. Use hand washing or washing machine soft washing procedure to avoid breakage of conductive fibers. The washing water temperature shall be below 40 ℃, and the rinsing shall be carried out with clean water at room temperature. The washing time shall be as short as possible, but it must be rinsed sufficiently to remove the residual detergent.
3. Precautions:
1) The lining cannot be used in the dust-free one-piece suit. If it must be used, the exposed surface area of the lining cannot exceed 20% of the overall area of the clothing, because too much exposed area will affect its dust-proof performance.
2) In the process of wearing dust-free work clothes, attention should also be paid to the details: the order of wearing, the inner base coat should not be exposed, the zipper should be closed, and the hair should not be exposed!
3) When wearing dust-free work clothes, you must wear them together with dust-free shoes to achieve better anti-static and dust-proof effect.
4) Do not wear dust-free clothes in strong electromagnetic environment.
5) When wearing dust-free clothes, do not wear metal ornaments or any metal objects to prevent the work clothes from being scratched.
6) After using the dust-free clothes for a period of time, they need to be tested regularly. If they do not meet the standards, they need to be replaced. If they are damaged, they need to be repaired or scrapped!
The above points will reduce the performance of the dust-free clothes, or even completely lose them. Therefore, we should use and maintain them reasonably according to certain standards, and conduct regular inspections to find problems as early as possible so as to solve them in time.

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