Anti-static clothing compares price or quality


For those factories sensitive to static dust, anti-stat […]

For those factories sensitive to static dust, anti-static clothing is already a rigid demand. Nowadays, there are tens of thousands of manufacturers producing anti-static work clothes. When manufacturers or enterprises customize anti-static clothes, apart from the slight difference in workmanship, it is the fabric that really determines the price of anti-static clothes. If the quotation of anti-static work clothes is much lower than the market price, you must pay attention at this time. The so-called fish and bear paws cannot have both. The quality of anti-static work clothes that are too low may not be guaranteed.

For manufacturers of anti-static work clothes, low-cost anti-static work clothes are naturally low in profit, so if you want to get high profits in this low-cost anti-static work, the cost naturally needs to be reduced. How to reduce costs?

In terms of raw materials, such parts as the cuffs and shoulders of anti-static clothes all use static conductive sewing thread, but some manufacturers don’t know it. Another reason is that static conductive sewing thread is more expensive and deliberately not used. Electrostatic sewing thread is used to sew, causing the cuffs of the clothes to have no resistance to the chest surface. There may be some, such as recycled anti-static clothing, worn-out anti-static clothing, and invalid anti-static clothing. Use anti-static liquid for soaking. However, this kind of anti-static clothing is easier to distinguish, wash it a few times, the effect of the anti-static clothing may be lost!

It can be seen that the quality of anti-static clothing is far more important than price, and it is more important to choose a regular manufacturer of anti-static clothing. A little negligence in procurement is directly irresponsible for product quality and employee safety production!

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