What to pay attention to when buying clean cloth


Clean cloth can be divided into the following three cat […]

Clean cloth can be divided into the following three categories:
1. The dust-free cloth is classified according to the fiber thickness: ultra-fine fiber dust-free cloth, sub-microfiber dust-free cloth, imitation ultra-fine dimension dust-free cloth, polyester fiber dust-free cloth, high-density dust-free cloth;
2. According to the classification of purification level, there are: Class 10 clean cloth, Class 100 clean cloth, Class 1000 clean cloth, Class 10,000 clean cloth;
3. According to cutting edge banding technology, there are: hot cutting, cold cutting, laser edge banding, ultrasonic edge banding.

When buying a clean cloth, you must pay attention to the material, size, whether it has been cleaned, cutting edge sealing technology, weight, etc., these are all factors that affect the price. Of course, the quality of clean cloth at different prices is also different. The finer the fiber of the dust-free cloth, the better; the smaller the number of grades, the better (the 10-level dust-free cloth is the best, followed by the 100-level, and so on); the larger the weight per square meter, the thicker the material. The better the hand feel, the cleaned dust-free cloth can ensure that the dust-free cloth has a good anti-static function; the cold-cut dust-free cloth is easy to remove debris, and it is better to use laser sealing and ultrasonic edge sealing.
Precautions for cleaning with dust-free cloth:
1. Neutral detergent should be used for cleaning with warm water.
2. Use 18.2 megohm EDI pure water non-ionic surface active washing, and clean with dust-free cloth. After cleaning, rinse thoroughly with clean water.
3. Dry naturally in the air or use a dryer, do not iron or expose to the sun.
4. Do not use chemical reagents such as bleach for cleaning, which will shorten the service life of the dust-free cloth.
5. Do not use softener, because the softener will leave a layer of film on the surface of the microfiber, which will seriously affect the wiping effect.


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