Why anti-static work clothes must be worn


Anti-static work clothes are mainly used in enterprise […]

Anti-static work clothes are mainly used in enterprise workshops that are sensitive to static electricity and dust. In order to prevent the electrostatic charge accumulated by the human body from affecting the staff and the products on the production line, wear the anti-static work clothes neatly before entering the workshop!

Not only indoor workshops, but also some outdoor places, also need to wear anti-static work clothes, such as gas stations. Gas station employees wear uniform work clothes, which are also anti-static clothes. In addition to the well-known petrochemical and liquefied gas stations that require anti-static clothing, some storage environments are also prone to static electricity. In this case, anti-static work clothes are also required.

In the storage environment, many commodities and packaging materials may generate static electricity. At the same time, operations such as handling, stacking, and covering are required at all times, which inevitably cause friction, rolling, movement, and impact. For example, when petroleum or organic solvents are transported in warehouses and discharged into tanks, friction will occur between these materials and pipeline walls and equipment, which will cause high static electricity accumulation, and in severe cases, static sparks will be generated, causing explosion accident . Therefore, the transporter must be equipped with electrostatic clothing to avoid the static electricity on the body from being carried on the goods.

As a popular and important protective clothing among personal protective equipment, anti-static work clothes bear the function of anti-static safety protection, and the core of the protection function of anti-static work clothes lies in the anti-static protection function of the fabric. In the presence of various dangerous factors in production conditions, anti-static clothing is an important line of defense to ensure the safety and health of industrial workers, and is a relatively popular and important protective equipment in personal protective equipment. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose high-quality anti-static clothing.

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