Are you still wearing disposable anti-static clothing


Modern industrial production pays more attention to pro […]

Modern industrial production pays more attention to protection, especially those enterprises that need to produce in clean workshops, such as electronics, optoelectronics, and biomedicine, need to pay attention to electrostatic dust protection. For the use of semiconductor devices, dust particles will be adsorbed to the surface of the device when the device is working, resulting in a decrease in the insulation resistance between the devices. In severe cases, it will affect the operation of the device and affect the yield of the semiconductor device. When a charged object forms a discharge path through the device or the charged device itself has another discharge path, electrostatic discharge will occur, which will damage the device!

Therefore, companies will equip their staff with a set of anti-static and dust-proof equipment, that is, anti-static and dust-free clothing and shoes. The anti-static dust-free clothing is made of special polyester ultra-clean fabrics and a special process for sitting. It has high-efficiency anti-static and dust-proof performance. It can effectively introduce the electrostatic charge accumulated by the human body into the earth, thereby eliminating static electricity and ensuring the quality of the products produced by the company. Quality and efficiency.

Anti-static dust-free clothing is an indispensable work clothes for electrostatic dust-sensitive places. The demand is relatively large. This has caused some manufacturers to take advantage of the lack of professional knowledge of anti-static dust-free clothing in order to obtain greater profits from it. Deceive consumers!

Recently, I received a call from a new customer. During the reaction, they did not add the anti-static dust-free clothing they purchased. During the inspection, the anti-static test was carried out and passed the inspection, but it was only used once or twice, and the cleaning was completely useless. Or the effect has diminished, what's the matter?

Unfortunately, you have bought inferior anti-static clean clothes or disposable anti-static clean clothes. Such anti-static clothes have the following common problems:

1. Inferior anti-static clothing is prone to appearance quality problems, such as damaged fabrics, improper car lines, and easy openings.

2. Using inferior anti-static fabrics, conductive fibers are easy to fall off, which directly affects the quality of anti-static clothing!

3. The proportion of conductive filaments in the fabric is not equal, and the anti-static performance is poor. The conductive thread on the antistatic fabric should be as obvious as possible.

3. Disposable anti-static clothing, using electrostatic liquid to soak ordinary fabrics to make them have anti-static properties, and they can also pass the test. But there is a drawback, once it is cleaned, its anti-static performance will be lost.

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