Can ESD work clothes be used endlessly


The anti-static work clothes are made of polyester ultr […]

The anti-static work clothes are made of polyester ultra-clean fabrics with conductive yarns embedded in warp or weft directions. They are made by a special process and have high-efficiency anti-static and dust-proof properties. It can effectively eliminate the static charge accumulated by the human body and prevent the static electricity of the human body from affecting the products on the production line. For those enterprise production workshops sensitive to electrostatic dust, wearing anti-static overalls is an indispensable process.

Anti-static clothes are special ESD work clothes with anti-static properties. However, some manufacturers still don't know much about it. They bought the anti-static clothes and used them without considering replacing them until the anti-static clothes were damaged.

The clothes worn by normal people may only be replaced when they are worn or broken, but special work clothes such as anti-static clothing are absolutely impossible. They need to be cleaned and maintained regularly, and regular inspections can ensure their protection. The functionality of static electricity ensures that failed anti-static work clothes will not appear in the production workshop and continue to be used, otherwise the product will be damaged.

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