What are the model differences of clean cloth


The model of clean cloth is currently not uniformly def […]

The model of clean cloth is currently not uniformly defined by the national standard. At most, we divide it from the model, specification and classification of clean cloth. The current clean cloth is basically only a difference in application, such as: photoelectric applications, semiconductor applications, Hard disk factory applications, etc. Let's take a look at the models and specifications of the clean cloth.

(1) The fiber thickness classification includes: polyester fiber clean cloth, sub-microfiber clean cloth, imitated microfiber clean cloth, and superfine fiber clean cloth.

(2) According to the classification of purification level, there are: Class 10 clean cloth, Class 100 clean cloth, Class 1000 clean cloth, Class 10,000 clean cloth.

(3) Classified by product model: 1009S straight grain polyester fiber clean cloth, 1009D reticulated polyester fiber clean cloth, 2009 sub-microfiber clean cloth, 3009 anti-microfiber clean cloth, 3009A superfine Fiber clean cloth, 4009 micro fiber clean cloth, 6009 micro fiber clean cloth, 16404 micro fiber clean cloth, 7009 micro fiber clean cloth, 8001 micro fiber clean cloth.

(4) According to the size classification, there are 4*4 inches, 6*6 inches and 9*9 inches in conventional sizes.

The widespread use of clean cloth is inseparable from its many unique properties and functions. The dust-free cloth has good water and oil absorption, which ensures that it can effectively remove the oil and moisture on the surface of the equipment. Some solvents can be used to remove the dirt remaining on the surface of the device.


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