Where is the effect of ultra-fine dust-free cloth


When many customers ask about clean cloth, they don’t k […]

When many customers ask about clean cloth, they don’t know what kind of clean cloth is good. When a customer asks which clean cloth is effective, we usually ask the customer first. Regardless of the occasion, it is used in a multi-level environment. If it is a class 100 clean cloth, we will recommend the best superfine clean cloth. If it is a class 1000 or 10,000, then other varieties will be recommended, but The best effect is the ultra-fine dust-free cloth. So what is the good effect of ultra-fine dust-free cloth? Many customers ask about ultra-fine dust-free cloth and intend to buy it. We usually recommend two kinds to them, one is mesh cloth and the other is ultra-fine dust-free cloth. In contrast, the effect of ultra-fine dust-free cloth will be better.

Do you know the structure of ultra-fine dust-free cloth? Now ultra-fine dust-free cloth is usually used for wiping of precision instruments, such as semiconductor chips, microprocessors, and small parts. The price is often more expensive than that of mesh dust-free cloth. Many customers will choose not to buy, which may lead to more losses than gains. It is not suitable to buy back, and they have to return to buy ultra-fine dust-free cloth. This will cost more to do things, so you still have to listen. Analyze high-quality personnel.

It makes sense that the ultra-fine dust-free cloth is so expensive, it can exert the greatest cleaning effect, and the ultra-fine dust-free cloth has a good effect, which is unmatched by other dust-free cloths. The dust-free cloth made of ultra-fine, after scraping the dirt, the dirt will migrate outward along the capillary narrow path, showing the effect of internal peeling, and the dirt will not remain on the surface of the dust-free cloth, so it will not It can cause scratches on extremely delicate products, which are the characteristics of ultra-fine dust-free cloth. Expensive is not for nothing, but to better help you complete your work quickly and improve work efficiency. Moreover, expensive things are of good quality and will not be easily damaged. The ultra-fine dust-free cloth has a long service life and will not cause surface wear when used. The amount of falling dust is small, the amount of ions released is small, the wiping effect is more than 10 times higher than that of ordinary wipes, and it can absorb 7 times its own weight of dust, particles, liquids, etc. Superfine also has strong water absorption, which are irreplaceable by ordinary clean cloth.

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