What are the grounding anti-static products


① Anti-static wrist strap: widely used in various opera […]

① Anti-static wrist strap: widely used in various operating stations. There are many types of wrist straps. It is recommended to generally use a wrist strap equipped with a 1 mega-ohm resistor. The cable length should have a certain margin.
② Anti-static watch: Remedy of other anti-static measures (such as: adding an ion fan, wearing anti-static heel strap, etc.) can achieve better anti-static effect. It is recommended not to use a large amount of anti-static watches.
③ Anti-static foot straps/anti-static shoes: After using anti-static floor in the workshop, anti-static shoe laces or anti-static shoes should be worn. It is recommended to wear anti-static shoes in the workshop to reduce the introduction of dust. Operators and employees combined with anti-static wrist straps will have a better effect.
④ Anti-static table pad: It is used for laying the surface of each work table. After each table pad is connected with a 1 megaohm resistor, it is reliably connected to the anti-static ground.
⑤ Anti-static floor:
Anti-static floor is divided into: PVC floor, polyurethane floor, raised floor.
Anti-static wax and anti-static paint: Anti-static wax can be used on various floor surfaces to increase the anti-static function and make the floor brighter and cleaner.
Anti-static paint can be used on various floor surfaces, and can also be applied to various shelves, containers and other containers.
C. Shielding anti-static packaging transportation and storage materials
①Anti-static turnover box, anti-static component box: used for the turnover, transportation and storage of the veneer and components in the workshop.
② Anti-static shielding bag: used for packaging, transportation and storage of veneers and components, with a certain moisture-proof effect.
③ Anti-static tape: used in various packing boxes, etc.
④ Anti-static IC material strip and IC tray: used for storage and transportation of IC components in the production workshop. It is forbidden to store the IC in the open air before use; or unpack it for transportation.
⑤ Anti-static shelves, trolleys and workbenches: Anti-static shelves and trolleys are widely used for the turnover and transportation of veneers and components in electronic assembly shops. Anti-static shelves and workbenches must be connected statically. The anti-static mat on the trolley should have a metal chain and anti-static
Ground contact
⑥ Anti-static work clothes and work shoes: In the processing workshop with static sensitive components and certain cleanliness requirements, employees should generally be strictly required to wear anti-static work clothes and work shoes
⑦ Anti-static finger sleeve: If the operator of the operating station needs to hold the workpiece or static-sensitive components frequently, it is necessary to wear an anti-static finger sleeve.

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