How to anti-static feasibility measures


1. Grounding Grounding is to directly discharge the con […]

1. Grounding
Grounding is to directly discharge the connection of static electricity through a line to the ground. This is the most direct and effective of anti-static measures.
The body is usually grounded, such as an artificial anti-static wrist strap and a workbench ground.
The grounding is implemented by the following methods:
①The human body is grounded through the wrist strap.
②The human body is grounded through anti-static shoes (or shoelaces) and anti-static floor.
③The worktable is grounded.
④ Test instrument, tool holder, soldering iron are grounded.
⑤ Anti-static floor, grounding mat.
⑥ The anti-static transfer vehicle, box and frame should be grounded as much as possible.
⑦The anti-static chair is grounded.
2. Static shielding
Electrostatic sensitive components will be exposed to areas with static electricity during storage or transportation. The method of electrostatic shielding can weaken the impact of external static electricity on electronic components. The most common method is to use electrostatic shielding bags and antistatic turnover boxes as protection. In addition, anti-static clothing for people
Body clothing has a certain shielding effect.
Three, ion neutralization
Anti-static instrument
①Wrist strap/foot strap/anti-static shoes comprehensive tester-purpose: used to detect whether wrist straps, foot straps and anti-static shoes meet the requirements.
②When testing the foot straps and anti-static shoes, a metal plate and a wire connecting the instrument are required.
③ In addition to static ionization ion blower tester-purpose: to regularly check and verify the balance and decay time of ion blower to ensure that the ion blower works within a safe range of indicators.
④Electrostatic field detector-use: to measure the electrostatic field to reflect the existence of static electricity, and read it in the form of voltage to test the electrostatic strength of the environment. Generally affected by the environment and the transient characteristics of static electricity, it is difficult to truly reflect the actual situation.
⑤ Electrostatic shielding bag tester-purpose: used to detect the shielding effect of electrostatic shielding bag.
⑥Surface resistance measuring instrument-use: used to measure the surface resistance and volume resistance of materials.

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