What are the cleaning techniques of dust-free cloth


Dust-free cloth is different from ordinary cloth. Dust- […]

Dust-free cloth is different from ordinary cloth. Dust-free cloth is generally suitable for precision products, such as semiconductor production line chips, microprocessors, etc., precision instruments, disc drives, and material turnover boxes in semiconductor assembly production lines, composite materials, and displays. Products, circuit board production lines, optical products, etc., clean the LCD screen with dust-free cloth. What are the cleaning techniques for dust-free cloths?

Let's talk about a kind of pure water used in the factory, and then talk about the use of clean water to clean the screen. That is, water that does not contain impurities, and this water is added when cleaning the glass, which means that the factory does not use pure water to clean the screen polarizer.

In general, the contaminated substances are oily in the process of use. These substances are difficult to blend into the oily substances by using water. When wiping with a rag, the adsorption force is still very large. It is not so much that it is wiped off by the rag. It is hard to be scraped off, which will damage the appearance of the polarizer. Furthermore, clean water has much stronger activity than absolute alcohol, such as scrubbing iron sheets with absolute alcohol and scrubbing iron sheets with water. The latter is very easy. Rust.

Dust-free cloth product characteristics: excellent dust removal effect, with anti-static function, can be used for both sides fusion edge sealing, low ion emission, not easy to cause chemical reactions! Optional edge sealing: ultrasonic, laser, cold cutting!

As a dust-free cloth, its cleaning cloth manufacturers have different treatment methods. The diversity of fibers in the form of dust-free cloth has led to the application of dust-free cloth in different industries. Very good cleaning products for precision instruments.

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