Clean paper classification and comparison of different classifications


Dust-free paper, like dust-free cloth, is used in dust- […]

Dust-free paper, like dust-free cloth, is used in dust-free workshops. Dust-free paper applications: semiconductor production line, microelectronics production, LCD display, LCD display, circuit board production, PCB products, screen printing, laboratory dust-free Workshop production line. Many people do not know the classification of clean paper and their characteristics.

1. Glued dust-free paper (VICELL)

2. Heat-bonded dust-free paper (ZORBCOR)

3. Comprehensive dust-free paper (VIZORB)

The difference between the three types of dust-free paper

1. Glued dust-free paper is made of fluff pulp fiber air-laid and bonded by latex;

2. Heat-bonded dust-free paper is formed by mixing fluff pulp and hot-melt fibers, and the fibers mainly rely on the melting of hot-melt fibers for bonding;

3. Comprehensive dust-free paper is between the two, which has both hot-melt fiber bonding and a small amount of latex bonding.

Features of dust-free paper:

1. As a universal wipe paper for daily cleaning of various wet liquids

2. High humidity in both dry and wet conditions

3. Anti-acid and anti-major chemical reagents

4. Low dust and anti-static can effectively control the amount of static electricity

5. Can be used multiple times

6. Economical and clean, it is the most widely used wipe paper in the electronics industry.

The above is the introduction of the classification of clean paper and the introduction of the characteristics of different classifications of clean paper. Heat-sealable dust-free paper must also undergo surface foaming treatment (similar to surface sizing) to finish the surface. Compared with the usual glued dust-free paper, heat-sealed dust-free paper has more excellent properties in terms of bulkiness, dry and wet tensile strength, softness and liquid absorption.

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