The service life of anti-static clothing


Anti-static clothing is used in a wide range of industr […]

Anti-static clothing is used in a wide range of industries, such as gas stations, petroleum, chemical industry, workshops, laboratories, etc. Anti-static work clothes have a good anti-static function, which can prevent the static electricity generated by the human body from accumulating on the clothes and avoid static sparks result in accidents and damage to the product. However, the use of anti-static clothing in different industries is not different, and the effectiveness of anti-static is also different.

There are also many types of anti-static work clothes. Enterprises can choose different types of anti-static work clothes according to their own working environment and needs. Many anti-static work clothes manufacturers will also provide a variety of anti-static work clothes for enterprises to choose. So, will the anti-static function of anti-static work clothes be maintained? Will the length of use affect the life of anti-static work clothes?

The anti-static dust-free clothes can be cleaned repeatedly. Special equipment should be used to test whether the anti-static performance meets the specifications. If it does not meet the standards, it must be replaced in time. Different levels of workshops have different requirements. There are many kinds of anti-static fabrics, 0.5 stripes, 0.5 mesh and 0.25 mesh fabrics, and their quality is also different. The smaller the distance between the conductive filaments, the better the performance and the longer the durability

If it is used in a class 100 clean room, the requirements for static electricity are relatively high. Then it needs to be replaced after 50 times of washing (usually once a week, that is 1 year), or downgraded to use (take it to a 10,000-class clean room). If it is used in a class 100 clean room, most companies choose to replace it after 100 washes. But there are also some companies that do not have regulations. If it is an ordinary workshop, it can be used for at least 2 years.

Therefore, the service life of anti-static clothing should be determined according to its own anti-static requirements. If the anti-static requirements are high, the service life will be shorter, and if the requirements are lower, the service life will be longer.

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