Electrostatic clothing knowledge - storage standard


The anti-static clothing is made of anti-static and dus […]

The anti-static clothing is made of anti-static and dust-proof fabric, which is woven with special polyester filament and high-performance conductive fiber by special process (polyester fabric woven with conductive fiber in warp and weft directions). It has an efficient and durable anti-static and dust-proof function, and can effectively release the static charges accumulated by the human body. With the development of science and technology, more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to electrostatic dust protection and anti-static clothing. In fact, in addition to wearing and using, its storage is also very important.

Solution: The anti-static clothing should be stored in a place with humidity as much as possible. Only when the humidity is high, the moisture attached to the outer layer of the anti-static clothing will increase, thus increasing the conductivity of the outer layer of the anti-static clothing. At the same time, because of the anti-static clothing material, its interior will absorb moisture, which leads to the growth of conductivity. The anti-static clothing should not be placed in a too dry environment. The performance of the anti-static clothing will decline after a long time. If you wear the clothing without testing various indicators, the production qualification rate may be affected. In addition, it is also necessary to avoid direct sunlight, and select appropriate places that are away from the sun or have poor air circulation.

Only when the quality and parameters of anti-static clothing are qualified, can the product quality on the production line be guaranteed!

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