Static electricity not only affects people but also affects health


Every winter, in addition to the cold, there is also an […]

Every winter, in addition to the cold, there is also an annoyance-accidentally being "electricalized" by static electricity, and it is extremely difficult to prevent. I want to open the door, and when I touch the handle, my finger is severely "touched"; when I hold a hand with someone, my fingertips also feel acupuncture-like pain; if I wear acrylic clothes, that's even worse. Take off and crack for a while ... Don't think that these static electricity are just scary, it makes people feel so painful. Experts believe that static electricity has some adverse effects on human health
Cardiovascular patients and computer families should pay more attention.
Because the time of frictional electrification is very short, the amount of current generated is very small, so static electricity generally does not cause life-threatening to the human body, but static electricity will have many adverse effects on human health: irritate human skin, reduce skin moisture, and dander Increased, causing skin dryness and itching.
Static electricity not only affects people, but also affects the effects on the heart and brain blood vessels. Older people's skin is relatively dry than younger people, and they are more likely to be "harassed" by static electricity. Higher-charge electrostatic discharge can cause people to have premature beats, arrhythmia and other phenomena in an instant, which may be an indirect factor for cardiovascular patients. Excessive static electricity also often makes people irritable, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, coughing and so on.
The daily incidence of erythema, pigmentation and other facial problems in white-collar office workers who operate computers every day is much higher than those who do not use computers. Dermatologists believe that this has something to do with the static electricity generated by computer screens attracting a lot of suspended dust and irritating the face. On dry winter days, computers are more likely to generate static electricity.
To deal with static electricity, we can adopt "anti" and "put" both hands. Here are some very simple methods. "Anti", try to avoid wearing chemical fiber clothes. Use skin care products with good moisturizing properties, change clothes frequently, eat more acidic foods such as vegetables, fruits, yogurt, drink plenty of water, and supplement calcium and vitamin C. The indoor environment should maintain a certain humidity. "Discharge" is to increase the humidity so that local static electricity is easily released. When you turn off the TV and leave the computer, you should wash your hands and face immediately to let the electrostatic charge on the skin surface be released in the water. Then touch the wall with your hand, and touch the wall with your hand before touching the door handle or faucet to "discharge" the body's static electricity.

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