Types of anti static work clothes and applicable industries


Anti-static workwear uses special polyester filaments, […]

Anti-static workwear uses special polyester filaments, warp or weft inlays and imported imported conductive fibers, woven with a special process and made with a special processing technique, fabrics with different friction voltage values ​​between 1,000 and 20, Advanced structure design and precise professional sewing can effectively block human dust. And has excellent anti-static and dust-proof performance. There are a variety of color specifications to choose from, to adapt to different anti-static or clean environments, and can meet the requirements of different customers. Anti-static clothing generally includes the following:
A. Anti-static labor protection service: It is mainly used in petrochemical, oil tanker ports, weapons medicine, oil depots and other dangerous goods places to prevent explosions and fire accidents caused by static discharge of clothing or human body.
B. Anti-static work clothes: mainly used in electronic communication and other factory industries, ESD product manufacturing, assembly workshops and computer rooms, to protect products from damage and to prevent the instrument from malfunctioning due to electrostatic interference.
C. Anti-static and clean overalls: mainly used in production environments with cleanliness requirements such as electronics, medicine, food, and biological engineering. Dust enters the working space and affects product quality.
Applicable industries:
Petroleum industry; mining and metallurgy industry; chemical industry; electronics industry; special industries, such as: atomic energy, aerospace, weapons, etc. Other industries, such as: food, fireworks, medicine, etc.

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