Principle, function and fabric of anti-static clothing


1、 Principle and function of anti-static clothing In so […]

1、 Principle and function of anti-static clothing
In some special occasions, such as petroleum industry, chemical industry and mining industry, if anti-static clothing is not worn, fire, explosion and other accidents may occur due to the generation of static electricity, which may cause harm to workers. In order to shield the static electricity generated by human body, reduce or even eliminate the harm of static electricity to people and avoid accidents, anti-static clothing was invented. What is the principle of anti-static clothing? What is the function of anti-static clothing?
1. Principle of anti-static clothing
Anti static clothing is generally made of synthetic fiber fabric, embedded with conductive wire. The corona discharge and leakage discharge mechanism of metal fiber, sub conductive fiber or anti-static synthetic fiber are used to eliminate the electrification of clothing and human body. When grounded, the static electricity on the fabric will be neutralized by the corona discharge of the conductive fiber, and will be discharged to the ground through the conductive fiber; When ungrounded, the power is mainly dissipated by means of weak corona discharge of conductive fiber.
2. Function of anti-static clothing
(1) Anti static electricity: discharge static electricity from human body, restrain static electricity from human body and clothing, eliminate or reduce the harm of static electricity discharge.
(2) Dust prevention: anti-static clothing is worn in the clean room, so it is required that the fabric should not be the source of dust in the clean room. In the process of making clothing, a special overlock machine is used to effectively reduce the generation of particles, reduce micro dust and avoid environmental pollution.
(3) Flame retardancy: anti-static work clothes are used in fire and explosion places, so anti-static work clothes with flame retardancy should be generally selected to provide more reliable protection for workers. In some special occasions, such as the anti-static clothing used in gas stations, it can also prevent oil.
2、 Fabric selection of anti-static clothing
Generally, the fabric of anti-static clothing will have black conductive wire, but this can be true or false. Because the cost of anti-static clothing fabric is high, some markets will choose the normal polyester fabric to print the black wire, and then soak it in the anti-static liquid, so that the fabric will have a certain anti-static effect for a period of time.
For many purchases, the purchase of high-quality anti-static clothing is a headache. First of all, I don't know how to detect its anti-static clothing. Second, I purchased the anti-static clothing, which passed the inspection at the time of purchase. But after a period of time, I found that its goods do not have anti-static function, which is no different from ordinary goods. Take the anti-static work clothes as an example. When purchasing, the point-to-point resistance of the measuring device has reached the national standard. However, after several times of cleaning, when measuring the point-to-point resistance of the anti-static clothing, it is found that it does not conform to the national anti-static clothing testing specifications. The main problem is that when purchasing this anti-static clothing, the fabric of this anti-static clothing has been impregnated with anti-static agent, so the point-to-point resistance can meet the national standard no matter how it is tested.

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