How to release static electricity from anti-static shoes


Nowadays, science and technology are becoming more and […]

Nowadays, science and technology are becoming more and more advanced, and the pace of electronic products is getting faster and faster. The electronic equipment around us, but these products need a large number of electronic assemblers to complete! They will encounter many static problems during the production process in the workshop!

I think many friends who work in dust-free workshops know that anti-static shoes must be worn to ensure that the workshop is dust-free and products are not interfered by static electricity. How do anti-static shoes release static electricity? How does it work? Today, the editor of Jingshang Jingmei anti-static shoes will show you the big move, let you see how anti-static shoes release static electricity and eradicate the troubles of dust-free workshops!

The factory wants to meet the anti-static standard and eliminate the troubles of the dust-free workshop. First of all, the anti-static shoes must be produced with materials that meet the requirements of the national standard. According to the ESD requirements, the various indicators of the anti-static shoes are tested, and they can be sold only when they meet the requirements. Anti-static shoes are currently the most used by electronics manufacturers. If you want anti-static shoes to release static electricity and eradicate the troubles of dust-free workshops, you must have supporting facilities for work. Generally, electronic factories will require workers to wear anti-static clothes and anti-static shoes, and wear anti-static wrist straps. That is why you wear anti-static overalls besides anti-static shoes. Originally, anti-static shoes are a basic electrostatic discharge tool. However, because of the price, the prices on the market are uneven. Why are your anti-static shoes not durable? Many unscrupulous merchants make anti-static shoes on the surface, which actually do not meet the requirements. They are produced with some unknown materials, which are easy to wear and cannot discharge static electricity normally. In order to save costs, they ignore product quality and entrap the interests of customers.

Originally, anti-static shoes have both anti-static effects and dust-proof effects. It is more convenient to wear and walk, and it can effectively dissipate the static electricity generated by the body during walking. So how do anti-static shoes release static electricity? Anti-static shoes can guide static electricity from the human body to the ground, thereby eliminating the static electricity of the human body. At the same time, it also effectively inhibits the dust generated by people walking in the clean room. These are the functions of anti-static shoes. Shoes are suitable for clean and dust-free workshops of CLASS 1000 and above. If you have any anti-static needs, you can contact us.
Nowadays, more and more electronics manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for their own production environment. In fact, the most direct requirement is that they hope that no static electricity will be generated during the production process and reduce the damage of electronic products by static electricity. Therefore, we must wear anti-static shoes in the electronics factory, and our industrial workers must also learn about static electricity.

Speaking of how anti-static shoes release static electricity, the most frequently asked questions about anti-static shoes from customers during this period of time are: Can the anti-static shoes produced by your company pass the testing equipment, and can they be deodorized and wear-resistant? The most serious problem reported by customers is that the function of anti-static shoes is unstable, point-to-point resistance cannot pass, and high-quality non-slip, odor-resistant, and anti-static materials should be used in contact with the soles of the feet to be considered as ideal anti-static shoes.

In the summer, many electronic factories buy anti-static four-hole shoes and anti-static canvas shoes.
When wearing anti-static shoes in the electronics factory, anti-static insoles should be provided, and the static electricity of the human body can be introduced into the ground only on the anti-static ground.

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