The importance of anti-static clean clothes


Everyone knows that when the weather is dry, clothes wi […]

Everyone knows that when the weather is dry, clothes will generate static electricity. Then the anti-static clean clothes can prevent static electricity. It is different from the clothes we wear. What is the difference? Let's find out. The anti-static clean uses anti-static fabrics, which use 100% polyester filament to reduce the amount of dust; use conductive fibers and weave with corresponding density to achieve anti-static function to reduce dust adsorption, and reduce or reduce the clothing itself. Static clothing, dust-free clothing, clean clothing, anti-static coveralls, anti-static four-piece and human pollution to clean areas or drugs. The feature of ultra-clean fabric is not only anti-static function, it also does not generate dust, and has good dust filtering performance. Generally, clean rooms are required to wear anti-static ultra-clean fabrics. Only conductive silk suitable for clean rooms is anti-static ultra-clean fabrics. Our country has not yet formulated corresponding standards for ultra-clean fabrics.

There are many industries that need to use anti-static clean clothes, as long as there is movement, static electricity will be generated, and electric field will also generate static electricity. There is a possibility of static electricity everywhere. Workers in electronics factories need anti-static clean clothes. Many electronic components are very afraid of static electricity. Static electricity generated by wearing ordinary clothes will leak into the electronic components, changing the internal load. The arrangement of streams. For mechanical manufacturing, as long as the electronic components are manufactured with precision, they need to wear anti-static clean clothes.

The petrochemical industry is the most harmful industry of static electricity. Petroleum is a flammable product. If people working in the petroleum industry don't wear anti-static clean clothes and static electricity develops on their bodies, then the accidents will be fire and explosion. Therefore, people working in the petroleum industry must wear anti-static clean clothes, not chemical fiber clothes. When wearing clothes made of chemical fiber fabrics, friction can easily generate static sparks, which is very dangerous. Anyone who works around flammable gas or liquid must wear anti-static clean clothes to avoid explosion, fire and life injury.

Working in different industries will have different requirements. For example, people who work in machinery manufacturing or in the flammable industry need to wear anti-static clean clothes. Anti-static clean clothes have special fabrics that have been specially treated to avoid some static electricity. The accident caused.

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