How to choose anti-static clothing


How to choose anti-static clothing? The quality of anti […]

How to choose anti-static clothing? The quality of anti-static clothing will directly affect the product quality of the company and the personal safety of employees, so when choosing anti-static clothing, you must not relax your vigilance. So, how to choose antistatic clothing better? I have collected some purchasing tips for you. let us see.

How to choose anti-static clothing for the concentrator? The anti-static clothing produced by the manufacturer's regular anti-static clothing manufacturer must pass all the audit standards. Therefore, when buying anti-static clothing, we should choose regular and qualified manufacturers. If you want to know whether a manufacturer is formal, you can directly check its business license and the test reports and certificates of various anti-static clothing products. Without these things, manufacturers are often small workshops, and anti-static clothing, quality and after-sales service cannot be guaranteed.

How to choose anti-static clothing materials? Take a look at high-quality anti-static clothing, which is made of anti-static fabric. Inferior anti-static clothing is made of ordinary fabrics. The method of judging fabric is actually very simple. Check whether there are black conductive fibers on the back, pockets, edges, and reinforcing cloth of the anti-static clothing, or wash the anti-static clothing with water once, and then test whether the resistivity decreases. If it remains unchanged, it is high-quality antistatic clothing, while low-quality antistatic clothing will decrease in resistivity after washing.

How to choose auxiliary materials for anti-static clothing? Take a look at auxiliary materials for anti-static clothing. Metal materials cannot be used. Because if there are metal materials on the antistatic clothing, it may become a conductor in the dust in the static sensitive area, threatening human health. Auxiliary materials such as buttons, zippers, hooks, and strokes should be made of plastic or nylon. Some anti-static clothing manufacturers, in order to save costs, will use some semi-metallic and semi-nylon materials to make auxiliary materials. Therefore, when choosing anti-static clothing, magnets should be used to test auxiliary materials.

If there is no response to the magnet, it is a conventional anti-static clothing, otherwise it is inferior. The above summary mainly introduces how to choose anti-static clothing. I believe that when you see this, you will know more about the selection method of anti-static clothing.

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