What is anti-static clothing


Anti-static clothing is very common in industries that […]

Anti-static clothing is very common in industries that require high static electricity and are more sensitive to fine dust! People who usually wear clean clothes don’t necessarily understand it. So how does the anti-static effect come about? This is related to the function of anti-static clothing

Anti-static dust-free clothing uses professional anti-static fabrics, which are highly efficient, anti-static, dust-free, and thin.

Anti-static clothing, as its name implies, is to prevent unnecessary damage to products caused by static electricity. How does anti-static clothing work? Secondly, why is it anti-static?

First of all, the anti-static clothing fabric is professional. The fabric is made of polyester cloth + carbon fiber conductive wire through a special process. The anti-static clothing can eliminate static electricity because the carbon fiber conductive wire is added to the fabric. So where is the carbon fiber conductive wire added? Have you found that anti-static clothing is divided into several categories, there are 0.5 stripes, 0.5 grids, and 0.25 grids. The striped grid is carbon fiber conductive yarn. The denser the carbon fiber, the better the anti-static effect!

Anti-static clothing must meet national standards and must meet a certain level of technology. This requires testing according to the technical parameters of the anti-static clothing to obtain technical data. Tests include cleanliness test, ESD test, fabric resistance test, charge test, sewing line inspection, etc. Only anti-static clothing that meets national standards can be used at the factory.

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