How to buy the office chair of the new company correctly


Office furniture, office furniture is a must, and the c […]

Office furniture, office furniture is a must, and the choice of office furniture for the new company is very important.
How to choose a new company office chair? First of all, to understand the needs of the company, the color and style of the office chair are more, you need to choose the style or color of the office chair of the new company. The rest is to choose a good office chair, regardless of the price of the office chair or expensive, the environmental safety of the office chair is the first. Office chairs should be green and environmentally-friendly. Quality assurance must be qualified.
To determine the style of the new company's office furniture, the modern modern company is mainly simple, and some government units or special offices will choose modern Chinese office chairs. Military Dingxuan office furniture Xiaobian introduces some styles of office furniture.
The screen station, the desk stands for simplicity and simplicity, the blue screen on the work station is conducive to keeping calm thinking, the 30cm high screen blocks the simple office supplies on the desktop, which not only guarantees the basic privacy of employees, but also does not hinder the employees. Inter-exchange. The basic frame is made of steel material. The table top is made of melamine smooth high-quality plate. The surface is bright and bright, with wear resistance, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance and pollution resistance. Coupled with the black and pink office net chair swivel chair, it is easy to create a stylish modern office environment, the color is not unassuming, not silent, the pink embellishment is more lively, leading the trend of modern fashion.
Manager's desk, versatile minimalist desk, office choice, stylish and elegant, environmentally friendly and practical, dark and wood color combination, so that the office atmosphere is warm and comfortable, without losing the manager's atmosphere and calm. The fully automatic machine is formed by one edge sealing, and all the plates are treated with moisture proof, insect proof and anti-corrosion, which are safe and reliable. E1 grade melamine sheet, the melamine surface after hot pressing can be scratch-resistant, anti-fouling and waterproof; steel frame structure installation, steel pipe thickness 1.2MM hot-rolled steel, full electrostatic spraying, service life of more than ten years.
Simple conference table, small conference table, suitable for work communication between departments, temporary meetings and suggestions or emergency treatment, suitable for 4-6 people to discuss the meeting. Simple and stylish, go straight to the theme, the meeting content is clear, and solve problems quickly. The simple circuit creates a practical function, the design of the steel leg is stable and durable, the large storage space on the desktop, and the random placement of items, so that the office space has a distinctive style. High-quality environmental protection sheet, furniture sheet all use E1 grade melamine board, melamine board impact resistance, high strength, stable performance, zero formaldehyde, more environmentally safe. It can also be used for staff desks, with simple screens that can be disassembled, and can be used as a conference table for a conference table. It is more practical and practical.
Office chair - mesh chair office chair lift swivel chair:
Office chair lift swivel chair, used for staff office, conference room conference table and chair, can be used. The office chair combines excellent industrial design, revealing the pure beauty, almost rigorous detail tempering, and the new net chair that is not tired for a long time. According to the structure of the human back, the double-layer thick and comfortable backrest is comfortable to enjoy. More support. Stylish American style design, ten-year heritage, American classic, according to the small American design, enjoy comfortable office and enjoy freedom. High load-bearing steel five-claw, galvanized steel five-claw is lighter, anti-oxidation, good gloss, corrosion-resistant, good load-bearing, can bear 800kg. Suitable for 95% of the population and the environment. The curved back of the chair gives a back to the back. The breathable fabric is comfortable and cool, and the office is equipped with sharp tools. The bow-shaped non-slip hand guard, the smart curve and the arm are excellently matched, comfortable, non-slip, stable and effective to relieve the fatigue of the arms and wrists.

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