Chinese modern furniture structure design and manufacturing process


The design and manufacturing process of furniture struc […]

The design and manufacturing process of furniture structure is a crucial topic and content of modern furniture design. Since China’s traditional educational thoughts for thousands of years have always been a theory and a light practice, “the gentleman does not move hands”, which leads to the art teaching education in China, which tends to focus on the teaching and training of art modeling, color lines and aesthetics. A large number of furniture designs only stay on the paper renderings and plane drawings. Students can't use their own real materials and real structures to design and manufacture three-dimensional furniture models and finished furniture, especially in furniture structure and manufacturing. It has always focused on the structure and production of traditional wooden furniture, and lacks systematic research and study on the modern material structure design of modern furniture industrialized manufacturing workers, which makes China's furniture higher education lag behind the development of the world modern furniture industry, and the booming of China's contemporary The demand for the furniture industry is out of touch, and this phenomenon of professional education and social reality will be one of the important factors that hinder China's furniture industry from catching up with the advanced level of world furniture development.
The structural design and manufacturing process of traditional and modern furniture are separately elaborated, and combined with a large number of actual cases to illustrate, especially the international modern furniture in the plate furniture, 32mm series self-assembled furniture, modern soft furniture, inflatable furniture, The structural design and application of plastic furniture, metal furniture and modern hardware accessories have been discussed in detail, with a large number of illustrations supplemented with explanations. It should be noted that in the teaching process of furniture structure design and manufacturing process, it can be flexible. Combine with local furniture manufacturing factories, school furniture training workshops and specific furniture products for practical learning and training. According to the needs of teaching content, accurately and detailedly implement different types of furniture physical products. Structural design and manufacturing process teaching method, a large number of case teaching, demonstration teaching and on-site teaching methods, supplemented by a large number of practical hands-on training, can truly learn and master the modern furniture structure design and manufacturing process, due to the modern furniture structure The level of science and technology is changing with each passing day, modern home The structural design is also constantly changing and innovating. In particular, high-tech is being fully introduced into the modern furniture industry, which will fully affect the progress and development of the furniture industry. Furniture design, furniture structure and process design are mutually dependent on the modern furniture design process. The dialectical relationship of complementing each other must be strengthened and mastered in the teaching of modern furniture. This is one of the topics that need to be emphasized and strengthened in the construction of China's modern furniture professional teaching system.
The general furniture is made up of a number of zeros and parts in a certain joint way. Wood furniture is common. There are two types of bonding methods: joint and hardware joint. The reasonableness of the joint method directly affects the aesthetics, joint strength and processing process of the furniture.

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