Does the weight of the dust-free cloth have anything to do with the quality


Dust-free wipes are familiar to everyone and are often […]

Dust-free wipes are familiar to everyone and are often used in some electronics factories and factories. So what is the relationship between the weight and quality of the dust-free wiper?

What is gram weight? The gram weight refers to a measure of the quality of the dust-free cloth. The higher the gram weight of the same material, the better the quality. The unit is "gram/square meter" (g/㎡), abbreviated as FAW. The gram weight of the fabric is usually It is the number of grams of the fabric weight in square meters, and the gram weight is one of the important technical indicators of knitted fabrics.

In the case of the same material, the greater the gram weight, the greater the fiber density, and the stronger the wiping ability of the clean cloth. Among the dust-free cloths, due to the fine fibers of the microfiber dust-free cloth, its density can reach a higher level, which can reflect the high-density dust-free cloth with strong wiping ability and water absorption performance.

Usually, the ordinary dust-free cloth made of polyester fiber can remove oil stains, water stains, etc. when wiping. But it can't do anything about the sticky spots.

When the grammage is increased, the fiber density increases, which increases the scraping power of the cloth and also reduces the generation of dust and debris. This kind of dust-free cloth is called a microfiber dust-free cloth. The micro-fiber dust-free cloth is woven from polyester and nylon fibers, and the fiber cross-section is orange petal-shaped. It has a larger vacuuming space than ordinary wiping cloths. Strong water absorption capacity and better scraping performance.

Not only that, when the gram weight increases, while the density increases, the hand feel is thicker, and the softness is maintained, and it also makes the fibers more oppressive, and the probability of dust falling is less.

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